Gary Boyd Editorial Awards

Every year, one column and one feature article are selected to receive the prestigious Radiology Management Gary Boyd Editorial Awards. The articles are chosen by AHRA members with the following criteria in mind.

The Outstanding Column Award recognizes a columnist whose article was timely, current, and relevant to the readers of Radiology Management. To be selected, the following are taken into consideration:

  • Timeliness.
  • How well the column touched readers.
  • Relevance to the industry. 
  • To what degree the column attracted and kept the reader's attention.         
  • To what degree the column enhanced the reader’s experience of Radiology Management.

The Outstanding Article Award recognizes an author(s) whose article in Radiology Management demonstrates particular originality, depth of research, organization, logical presentation, industry relevance, and value to readers. To be selected, the following are taken into consideration:  

  • Timeliness.    
  • Degree of originality or creativity.     
  • How extensive and evidence-based the research was.
  • How innovative the author’s research was.     
  • How well the article addressed the topic.     
  • How well the information was presented.     
  • To what degree the article addressed a common problem for imaging administrators.     
  • To what degree readers would have benefited from the article.

Outstanding Column
It Started with an Ask: The AHRA Education Foundation and the Creation of the Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) credential by John Beall (March/April 2023)

Outstanding Article
The Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting: Why Mentorship is Essential by Brenda DeBastiani (March/April 2023)

Outstanding Column
“5 Things I Wish I Knew Early in the Pandemic”,  Laurie Hitzel, CRA (Nov/Dec 2022)

Outstanding Article
“How Many Projects is Too Many? Working through the Perfect”,  Jack Durbin, CRA (Sep/Oct 2021)

Outstanding Column
Time for a New Technologist Training Paradigm?”,  Philip A. Femano and Carolann Nielsen (July/August 2018)

Outstanding Article
Employee Engagement and Organizational Success”,  Sharon Harms (November/December 2018)

Outstanding Column
The Heart of a Leader”,  Charles D. Stamper, CRA (January/February 2018)

Outstanding Article
Patient-and Family-Centered Radiology”,  Carrie Stiles, CRA (July/August 2017)


Outstanding Feature Article 
"Success through Servant Leadership," Jacqui Rose (May/June 2017)
Outstanding Column 
"Four Ways to Enable, Educate, and Engage Patients," Randy Blue (Sep/Oct 2016)

Outstanding Column
"Regulatory Changes ahead for Medical Imaging"
Sheila M. Sferrella, CRA, FAHRA
Sep/Oct 2015

Outstanding Feature
"Effective Leadership in the 21st Century
Jacqueline Jones, RT(R), CNMT
Nov/Dec 2015

Outstanding Column
"Transformational Leadership: A 21st Century Tool for Imaging
Mark Toatley, CRA

Outstanding Feature
"Competencies in Imaging Administration"
Kimlyn Queen, CRA, FAHRA
Outstanding Column
"Finding and Mentoring the Next You"
Paul Dubiel, CRA, FAHRA

Outstanding Article
"How Healthcare Leaders Can Increase Emotional Intelligence
Jason Scott, CRA, FAHRA 

Outstanding Column
"Exposing Safety: Putting Patients First in Imaging Departments"
Rachel Giliotti, MBA, RT(R)(T)

Outstanding Article
"Building a Culture of Excellence from the Ground Up
Alicia R. Campbell 

Outstanding Article 
TRACE Program: Improving Patient Safety
Brenda Rinehart, CRA, FAHRA

Outstanding Column
Superstars: To Hire or Not to Hire?” 
Mark Lerner

Outstanding Article 
A Lean Six Sigma Journey in Radiology”, May/June 2011
Ronald V. Bucci, PhD, Anne Musitano, RPh, PharmD, MBOE, BB 

Outstanding Column 
Intentional Leadership”, September/October 2010
William R. Johnson, CRA, MBA, RT(R)

Outstanding Article 
"Mentoring for  the Next Generation of New Managers", July/August 2009
Tasha Hisaw, BSRT, CNMT, RT(R)(N),Robert J. Comello, MS,  RT(R)(CDT)

Outstanding Column 
"Succession Planning: A Different Leadership Yardstick", July/August 2009
Carlos Vasquez, MSM, RT(R), CRA, FAHRA

Outstanding Article 
Labor Transformations and the Challenges of a Multigenerational Workforce”, January/February 2009
Sandra K. Collins, MBA,Denise A. Vaughn, MS

Outstanding Column 
Quiet Heroes”, May/June 2009
Gary Boyd, FAHRA

Outstanding Article 
Radiology Operations: What You Don't Know Could Be Costing You Millions” July/August 2007
Sam Joffe, Donna Drew, Manju Bansal, Michael Hase

Outstanding Column 
"The Radiology Report: A New Look at an Old Standard” March/April 2008 
Patricia Kroken, FACMPE, CRA

Please note the Creative Management Award was not awarded in 2008

Outstanding Article 
Succession Planning and Leadership Development: Critical Business Strategies for Healthcare Organizations” January/February 2007
Sandra K. Collins, MBA and Kevin S. Collins RT(R)(T), CMD, MsEd

Creative Management 
Preparing for a JCAHO Survey: Utilization of Imaging Specific Tracers” March/April 2007
Paul Dubiel, MS, HCA

Outstanding Column 
Coding: May I Take Your Order Please?” September/October 2006
Melody W. Mulaik, MSHS, CPC, CPC-H, RCC

Outstanding Article (tie)
Full-Field Breast Tomosynthesis" Sept/Oct 2005 
Andrew Smith, PhD
Regulatory Compliance Associated with Contrast Media” Nov/Dec 2005
Catherine M. Stevens, RT(R)

Creative Management 
Thinking Strategically About Imaging Capacity and Capital” Jan/Feb 2006
David Griffin, PhD, FAAHC, and Paul Dubiel, RT(R), MS

Outstanding Column 
Staffing Solutions: Performance Management and Corrective Action--Part 2” May/June 2006
Penny M. Olivi, MBA, RT, CRA  

Outstanding Article
Identifying Elements of Job Satisfaction to Improve Retention Rates in Healthcare” May/June 2005
Becky Lamberth, MSRS, RT(R)(MR) and Robert J. Comello, MS, RT(R)(CDT)

Creative Management (tie)
Building a Leadership Team That Works” January/February 2005
Emily M. Blomenberg, BS, CRA, RT(R)
Reinventing Radiology Reimbursement” March/April 2005
John Marshall, CRA, RT(R) and Denise Adema, RN, MBA 

Outstanding Column 
Staffing Solutions: The Demands of the Workplace” September/October 2005
Penny M. Olivi, MBA, RT, CRA 

Outstanding Article
The Impact of Tech Aides in Radiology” March/April 2004
Sheila M. Sferrella, CRA, FAHRA, and Cathleen P. Story, CRA 

Creative Management
PACS—and Beyond” May/June 2004
Mark A. Viau, CRA, FAHRA

Outstanding Column (tie)
"Solutions: Agency Free, a Map to Success" July/Aug 2003
Kenneth A. Fazzino, CRA, David Nelson and Melissa Hillebrand
Comment: PACS without the Spin” January/February 2004
Kevin Kincaid 

Outstanding Article
“Developing a Career Advancement Program”
Shirley L. Pinette, CRA

Creative Management
Staff Retention and Recruitment: ‘One Great Department'"
Wanda M. Casady, CRA, FAHRA and Terry A. Dowd, CRA 

Outstanding Column
“Regulations: When May a Radiologist Change or Add an Exam?”
Gary L. Duehring, Ph.D., CRA 

Outstanding Article
Employee Retention Tools: Looking Beyond Radiology
Denise Snuttjer 

Creative Management
Increased Productivity of a Digital Imaging System: One Hospital’s Experience
David Sack 

Outstanding Column
"Reality Check: Trust Your Mother, But Get it in Writing
Michael Cannavo

Outstanding Article
The PACS Committee: The All-Important Human Element
Gary Reed & Deborah Hobe Reed

Creative Management
Developing a Self-Learning Training Program for RIS Computer Skills
Penny Olivi & Rose Stike 

Outstanding Column
“Gunfight at the PACS Corral”
Gordon Ah Tye 

Outstanding Article
The Challenge of PACS in a Small Hospital
Mark Cartier

Creative Management
A New Approach to the Film Library: Time Unit Filing
Jeffrey Palmucci 

Outstanding Column (first annual)
“I Want it, and I Want it Now!”
Gordon Ah Tye

Outstanding Article
Employee Satisfaction: Creating a Positive Work Force
Mary Wright 

Creative Management
Children’s Hospitals and PACS: Six Profiles of Planning and Implementation
Cynthia Keen

Outstanding Article
Simplifying the Management of the Environment of Care
Joan Oakley

Creative Management
Home-based Radiology Transcription and a Productivity Pay Plan
Kelly Kerr

Outstanding Article
Image and Report Distribution on the Internet
Mel Allen

Creative Management
“Age Specific Standards in Radiology”
Estela I. Prieto,

Outstanding Article
“A Contemporary Perspective on Capitated Reimbursement for Imaging Services”
Howard W. Schwartz

Creative Management
Scheduling: If Your RIS Cannot, Perhaps Your HIS Can
Wanda M. (Rowe) Casady, Mark E. Moffett and William J. Bunnell 

Outstanding Article
“Climbing the Ladder: Evolution of a Clinical Advancement Program”
J.D. Mace

Creative Management
“Preparing Radiology Staff to Meet Service Goals: A Training Model”
Elizabeth Ricciardone

Outstanding Article
James B. Bova (no title given in Link)

Creative Management
“Using Quality Improvement to Manage the Installation of Capital Equipment”
Wayne T, Stockburger (co-authored with Joseph Soirez)

Outstanding Article
“Redesigning Radiology’s Work: An Imperative Model for the Future”
Loretta Hanwell and Howard Schwartz

Creative Management
Gail Nielsen (no title given in Link)

Outstanding Article
“Sorting Out the Three Rs: RVU, RVS and RBRVS”
Ted Bergey 

Creative Management
“Approaching Clinical Advancement in Radiology”
JD Mace

Outstanding Article
“Subsidizing Screening Mammography Through Induced Revenues and Profits”
Herman Krug

Creative Management
“Scheduling Strategies”
Ventura E. Olivares

Outstanding Article
“Evaluating Productivity and Budgeting Staff”
Howard Schwartz 

Creative Management (first annual)
“An Incentive Pay Program for Radiology Transcriptionists”
Shirley A. Hiltz and Cindy S. Wedel

Outstanding Article
“Today’s Crisis in Radiologic Technology Human Resources: A Call for Action”
Marilyn Fay 

Outstanding Article (first annual)
“Incentive Plans: Has the Time Come?”
Glen G. (Skip) Watkins