AHRA Committees & Task Forces

Committees and Taskforces create volunteer opportunities that are aligned with the AHRA mission and vision. Learn more about each of our committees and taskforces by reading the descriptions below. If you have any questions regarding a committee or taskforce, please contact memberservices@ahra.org.

The Leadership Development Committee was created to nurture members interested in AHRA Leadership roles in a number of ways, including volunteerism. Please connect with a member of the Leadership Development Committee to discuss more to find the right fit for you.

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2023 Committees and Task Forces

Name Position
John J. Beall III, MAA-HA, FAHRA Chair
Art Tasaka, R.T.(R)(MR)(ARRT) Member
Jamie Coder, RT(R), MHA, CRA Member
Kevin M. Ordway, CRA Member
Marjory Vidulich, CRA Member
Natasha Beyde, MS, RT (R)(M) Member
Ryan S. Pavlak, MBA, RT(R)(MR), CRA Member
Sandra M. Edson, MBA, FAHRA Member
Scott L. Lehman, BSHP,RT(R),CRA Member
Terry Lynn Bucknall, BA, CRA, FAHRA Member
Thomas L. Wall Member
Wanda Coker, CRA,BHS, FAHRA Member
Wendy Renneke, R.T.(R)(CT)(ARRT) Member

Name Position
Art Tasaka, R.T.(R)(MR)(ARRT) Chair
Carla M. Knisley, MBA, CRA, RT (R)(MR) Member
Christina Browning Member
Danielle F. Henricksen, MBA, BSRT (R)(CRA) Member
Elyce M. Wolfgang, MHA, CRA, RT(R) Member
Jennifer Kirkman, CRA Member
Natasha Beyde, MS, RT (R)(M) Member
Pearl Ruiz Member
Suzieann Bass, EDD Member
Tomio Calhoun Member

Name Position
Donna Morris, CRA,BS,R.T.(R)(MR) Board Liaison
Peggy A. Pust, CRA,FAHRA,MBA Chair
Brahamjit Raghav, MHA, CRA ACHE Member
Bridget Hill, B.S. CRA R.T R. CT Member
Jennifer Kirkman, CRA Member
Lisa Wood, CRA Member

Name Position
Becky Ann Volk, MS Member
Erica Lee Mendez Member
Huyen Le Member
Jim Zheng, MS,CRA,MRSO,RT(MR) Member
Shannon Gutierrez, ARRT RT (R) (M) Member
Elizabeth Pickett Staff
Jessica Harju Staff

Name Position
Carrie Stiles, MBA, CRA, FAHRA Editor-in-Chief
Jackie Durbin, CRA Member
Jacqueline Jones, RT(R),CNMT,MBA, MSHA Member
Jacqui F. Rose, CRA,MBA,FAHRA, RT(R) Member
John J. Beall III, MAA-HA, FAHRA Member
Patricia Kroken, CRA Member
Rachel Thiesse-Yount, CRA Member
Roger W. Vorherr, CRA, MBA, PMP, RT(R) Member
Stefanie A. Manack, MS,RT (R)(M)(VI) CRA Member
Susan MacIntyre, CRA MHA RTRMR MRSO Member

Name Position
Brenda DeBastiani, MBA, CRA, FAHRA Chair
Amanda Garlock, CRA Member
Cassandra Dike, CRA Member
Cathleen P. Story, BS,CRA, FAHRA Member
Danielle F. Henricksen, MBA, BSRT (R)(CRA) Member
Emily Woods Member
Gregory B. Adamczak, MSHA, R.T.(R), CRA Member
Jeff A. McGough, MSHA, CRA Member
Nicole B. Dhanraj, PhD,CRA,RT, R,CT,MR) Member

Name Position
Vaughn C. Eason, DBA, RT(R), CRA Chair
Francisco Ceniseros Member
Pariss Jackson Member

Name Position
Jamie Coder, RT(R), MHA, CRA Board Liaison
Sara Butterworth, CRA Chair
Denise A. Pugh Member
Elena Danilova Member
Elyce M. Wolfgang, MHA, CRA, RT(R) Member
Emily Woods Member
Rich Egan, CRA, MBA, MS Member
Roland Rhynus, FAHRA Member
Jessica Harju Member

Name Position
Robin Johnson, RT(R)(M)(CT)(MR)MHA Member
Terry Lynn Bucknall, BA, CRA, FAHRA Member

Name Position
John Simmons, CRA Member
Luis A. Carvajal, EdD,MPA, CMLSO Member
Lynn Imel, MHA, CRA, RT(R)(M), Member

Corporate Relations Committee
The Corporate Relations Committee (CRC)  will provide assistance in the process of identifying new corporate partners, soliciting renewals, and participating in partnership review meetings.

Curriculum Committee
The Curriculum Committee will provide guidance, advocacy, and supervision to educational programs by ensuring the curriculum is academically sound, comprehensive, and responsive to the needs of the audience. They will provide oversight to programs with specific, desired learning outcomes, and recommend new and/ or modifications to curriculum to the AHRA Board of Directors for approval.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee will collaborate with the AHRA volunteer and professional leadership to foster an environment of diversity, inclusion, and engagement through the education and adoption of diversity-promoting strategies.

Leadership Development Committee
The Leadership Development Committee will provide clear direction and paths for the development of AHRA members’ leadership opportunities; identify the best candidate(s) for the Class II Education Foundation Directors, and the best possible slate of candidates for the elected offices of President-elect and the elected Directors.

Member Recognition Committee
The AHRA’s Member Recognition Committee (MRC) is responsible for the oversight and selection of AHRA’s awards, scholarships, and member recognition.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee will collaborate with AHRA leadership to provide the highest value to members and help ensure long-term retention through the delivery of quality programs and services. The committee advises leadership on membership policies to ensure responsiveness to member needs, and oversees programs for the recruitment and retention of members.

Product and Services Committee
The Product and Services Review Committee will contribute to and advise the AHRA Board and Leadership by providing recommendations for the creation or updating of new and existing AHRA products/ services, and/or the discontinuation of existing products and services.

Regulatory Affairs Committee
The Regulatory Affairs Committee will use a systematic approach to evaluate proposed legislation, regulations and budget rules that impact medical imaging. The Committee may evaluate alliances, partnerships, or coalitions, including existing arrangements to ensure that they are furthering the goals of the organization. 

The Spring Conference/CLIMB Design Team
The Spring conference/CLIMB Design Team will actively plan, prepare, and execute operations of AHRA's Spring conference, AHRA CLIMB: The Conference for Leadership in Imaging Management and Business. The Design Team reviews presentation proposals, interviews speaker candidates, and selects presenters; they are ambassadors for membership and exhibitors in advance of the event and onsite through greeting and engaging attendees.