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Driven by your needs, AHRA is dedicated to delivering products and services that enable you to accomplish goals in areas such as leadership development, financial outcomes, quality of patient care and clinical outcomes, workplace and patient safety. No matter what path you're on, AHRA can help you succeed!  Hear from our members directly on YouTube, and in the video testimonials below. 

Why Join AHRA?

We’re People Like You 
We’re the largest support system you’ll ever need. We’re dedicated to our careers and providing the best care possible. We believe in professionalism. 

If You Could Do It On Your Own, You Would
We understand the challenges you face. Not only are we talking about your challenges, we’re working together to find solutions. We believe in collaboration. 

We’ll Help Solve Your Problems
You’ll discover the latest trends, best practices, and see how to make the most out of what you’ve got. (And get CE credit while you’re at it.) We believe in quality.

Hear from AHRA Members

Don't just take our word for it. Check out AHRA members on YouTube talking about their AHRA experiences. From Kristina, a new member attending her first AHRA Annual Meeting, to Mario, an experienced member recounting how AHRA helped him early-on through his journey to becoming a Board Director.


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By becoming a member of AHRA, you'll save over $2,000 on your annual professional development costs!