Jim Conway Gold Award

Congratulations to Wesley Harden, Winner of the 2023 AHRA Jim Conway Gold Award!

Wes Harden, CRA, FAHRA, is the 2023 AHRA Jim Conway Gold Award Recipient.

About the Jim Conway Gold Award

The AHRA Jim Conway Gold Award is the highest honor AHRA can bestow upon one of its members. The award is given to an AHRA member who has made significant contributions to the association and, thus, to the profession of imaging and healthcare administration. Nominations for the Jim Conway Gold Award come from the membership and any member may nominate a candidate. All members of AHRA are eligible to be considered for the award.

The Jim Conway Gold Award Task Force reviews all nominees' contributions to imaging and healthcare administration. This may include:

    • AHRA elected offices held on the national and former regional levels
    • AHRA appointed offices held on the national and former regional levels
    • Publications related to imaging and healthcare management and AHRA volunteer services on national and former regional levels
    • Lectures and presentations related to imaging and healthcare management
    • Memberships in professional organizations other than AHRA
    • Fellow status in the AHRA
    • Other significant contributions to AHRA and the profession of imaging and healthcare administration

The team may recommend candidate(s) to the AHRA Board of Directors. The nomination must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the Board. The Jim Conway Gold Award is presented to the recipient at AHRA's Annual Meeting & Exposition.

Bill Algee, Winner of the 2022 Gold Award-
Watch Bill's award acceptance video.

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Congratulations to previous Jim Conway Gold Award recipients:
2023 Wes Harden, CRA, FAHRA
2022 Bill Algee, CRA, FAHRA
2021 Dave Fox, FAHRA
2020 Jason Newmark, CRA, FAHRA
2019 Ernie Cerdena, CRA, FAHRA
2018 Bruce W. Hammond, CRA, FAHRA
2017 Russell L. Cain, CRA, FAHRA
2016 Melody W. Mulaik, CRA, FAHRA
2016 Carlos E. Vasquez, CRA, FAHRA
2015 Paul A. Dubiel, CRA, FAHRA
2014 Terry A. Dowd, CRA, FAHRA
2013 Gary D. Boyd, FAHRA
2013 Jeffrey A. Palmucci, CRA, FAHRA
2013 Luann J. Culbreth, CRA, FAHRA
2012 Debra A. Lopez, CRA, FAHRA
2010 Penny M. Olivi, CRA, FAHRA
2009 Jay P. Mazurowski, CRA, FAHRA
2008 Sandra A. Anderson CRA, FAHRA
2006 Roberta M. Edge, CRA, FAHRA
2005 Roberta J. Miller CRA, FAHRA
2004 Roland W. Rhynus, CRA, FAHRA
2003 Sheila M. Sferrella, CRA, FAHRA
2001 Gordon Ah Tye, FAHRA
2000 Mel L. Allen, CRA, FAHRA
1999 Blaine E. Lester FAHRA
1998 Ronald F. Bernardi, FAHRA
1997 Gail A. Nielsen, FAHRA
1996 Brenda S. Holden, CRA, FAHRA
1996 Bobbie J. O'Boyle, FAHRA
1995 Michael R. Favreau, FAHRA
1995 John W. Roberts Jr., FAHRA
1995 Mary L. Wright, FAHRA
1994 Monte G. Clinton, CRA, FAHRA
1994 Glenn G. Watkins, FAHRA
1993 Arthur A. Clements, FAHRA
1993 Ellen T. Tourine 
1992 Chuck Mitchell, FAHRA
1991 Sharon Johnson, FAHRA
1991 Howard W. Schwartz, FAHRA
1990 Loretta L. Hanwell, FAHRA
1990 Clarence J. Snyder, FAHRA
1987 Louise P. Broadley, FAHRA
1987 Christopher E. Pickwick, FAHRA
1987 William W. Wheeler, FAHRA
1984 Royce R. Osborn, FAHRA
1982 James B. Conway, FAHRA