Programs & Campaigns

campaignThe AHRA Defining Our Future Campaign is a strategic response to the tide of opportunities and challenges that medical imaging professionals face. This historic fundraising effort aims to engage industry partners and other friends of medical imaging management who are equally inspired to provide the critical support necessary to educate, develop, and empower our next generation leaders.

A fundraising goal of $3,000,000 has been established to help advance these objectives. To achieve this vision, AHRA is dedicated to solidifying our relationships with current partners and building partnerships with new supporters. Opportunities to define the future of a profession with such purpose, clarity, and vision are rare and the AHRA is inviting all constituents to help write the next exciting chapter of medical imaging.

This campaign will inspire:

 LEADERSHIP: Develop world-class programs to equip its members with the resources and skills to step into leadership roles and advance the medical imaging profession.

 EDUCATION: Connect with leaders through conferences, publications, virtual workshops, and other venues to deliver sustainable and accessible educational programming.

 RESEARCH: Partner with thought leaders to provide timely market analysis with the goal of helping members make smarter management decisions.

 ADVOCACY: Educate the industry, raise awareness, and influence the creation and implementation of regulatory rules that impact members and their patients.

If you or your organization is interested in learning more about AHRA and the Defining Our Future Initiative, please contact AHRA’s Campaign Director, Jeannette Paige at