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Staff Modeling Tool

The AHRA Staff Modeling Tool offers a customized guide to staffing with a detailed white paper accompanied by an online, interactive tool. Together, they take your facility's data and explain the intricacies of appropriate staffing levels and present alternative ideas to help you implement change. The information represents staffing recommendations in diagnostic radiology, CT, MR, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, mammography, and PET.

To start, you will be asked 12 questions (click here to preview). Based on this data, you will be given estimated numbers for how your facility should be staffed. A detailed explanation and robust white paper accompany the results which will enable you to dive deeper in your analysis.

To access the AHRA Staff Modeling Tool click on the link under "Product" below. Please note, you must purchase this product if you are not an AHRA Member to access. If you do not see the purchased product contact us. AHRA Members can access for free by clicking here.