Welcome to the AHRA's Student Resources page
You'll find information, tools, and opportunities available to help you launch a successful medical imaging career. It is the hope of the DEI Committee that by highlighting and evolving student-focused offerings, AHRA's student engagement and membership will grow. We appreciate the fresh and unique perspective that students can bring to the association, and thereby endeavor to find new ways to be inclusive, and responsive to their needs. A more diverse membership creates a more successful association. Please feel free to send us feedback, ideas, or questions.

Student Membership

  • 1 Year Membership: $100.00 (a $110 savings)
  • Be enrolled in an accredited graduate degree program in Radiologic or Healthcare Sciences*
  • (Or) Be enrolled in an accredited undergraduate degree program in Radiologic or Healthcare Sciences
  • Be employed in a non-management position (part-time or full-time) OR be unemployed
  • Enrollment in a business program such as MBA may also qualify for student membership provided the student holds a current registration in Imaging (i.e. RT(R), CNMT, RDMS, RVT, ARMRIT, etc.)
  • Download the Application Form

Student membership is only valid for 3 years – student must submit proof of enrollment for each year.

AHRA's Aspiring Leaders Program Online

The Aspiring Leaders Program is an excellent way to learn the fundamental skills and principles of good leadership at your own pace. Realize your potential through management skills training in areas like budgeting, communication, patient satisfaction, quality, and more! Newly updated for 2022 with added sessions like Building Resilience and Marketing Matters, you will obtain the resources you need to care for patients and, as you progress to management, your staff. Each presentation is approximately 60-90 minutes and is eligible for CE credit with a total of 16 CE credits. For more details and complete descriptions visit the new AHRA ONLINE INSTITUTE.

  • Art of Negotiation
  • Budgeting for Business Management-Parts 1 & 2
  • Marketing Matters: Building Basics
  • Patient Satisfaction in Today's Healthcare Environment
  • Building Resilience
  • Introduction to Project Management

AHRA Scholarships

Through the generosity of the AHRA Education Foundation, or corporate sponsors, AHRA offers a variety of scholarships designed to help members achieve their goals. Applying is easy & fast. Learn more about currently available scholarships.

It is currently the goal of AHRA's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to create a new AHRA Student Scholarship beginning in 2022! Additional details and requirements will be published soon, so watch this space for an announcement.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the backbone of AHRA. Becoming a volunteer is a great way to get involved, grow your network, and do something you like. While you can easily view all volunteer opportunities, we think that writing for AHRA's blog, LINK is great option for students. See the Editorial Guidelines and submit an article.

The CRA (Certified Radiology Administrator)

Interested in this special designation? For all things CRA, visit And for those who already know they want to pursue earning the CRA credential, the CRA Pathway is a great new membership option.

AHRA Rewards Program

AHRA has a Rewards Program that offers opportunities to earn Rewards Points. With budget-conscious students in mind, these points can be used towards conferences, seminars, products, or AHRA-branded items in our online shop.