Leaders of Choice Program

Leaders of Choice Program

September 26 2023: Kick-Off Meeting

Online Kick-off Meeting 1:00 PM- 2:30 PM EST

Welcome & Introductions

Survey Result Analysis
Review of results from attendee pre-event survey. Results will highlight overall areas of competency with the most room for growth, driving the focus of the year-long program. Session will include small group breakouts for deeper dive into survey results.

What I Said Was...Perfecting Communications
A discussion of communication skills and creating effective PowerPoint presentations; Achieving visibility as a confident leader and “achiever”; Delegation to help people grow and for you to become 100% organized; Succession planning.

Successful Negotiation
Topics include: Working in the matrix and patient-centric initiatives; “Voice of the Customer” to establish continuous improvement projects; patient engagement initiatives; Making other teams look good and succeed; Networking with the groups with closest interactions – ER; ortho; OBGYN; outpatient referrers etc.; Process improvement; Inventory management; CAPEX planning; ROI, vendor relationships, negotiating skills.  A role-play exercise will help you negotiate like a pro to lead to success.
It’s All About People – Staff and Customers
We'll examine: Creating strong partnership with HR; How to be known for having the happiest team, plus achieving best Press Gainey and Net Promoter Scores; Development plans for staff, supervisors, managers, directors, high potential team members; Why a strong partnership with radiology chair and wider clinical network matters; Gaining full endorsement for career growth. 
Crafting My Personal 2-Year Vision Statement
We'll discuss: Developing a 2-year plan including vision for what you’ll achieve, plus stepping stones. Working with VPs and the C-suite--how will you be noticed? Strategic thinking interactive with corporate goals and vision; Partnering with finance including managing using financial reports, understanding activity-based numbers; Finding yourself a mentor, an “angel”, a personal advisory board. Leveraging your AHRA contributions, achievements and “wins”; Thinking of “Community” based activities, and small group discussions for brainstorming and reporting of ideas; a review of the upcoming webinar series.